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VIGI C485 TP-Link VIGI 4K 8MP Full-Colour Ultra HD Turret Network Camera



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4K Empowered. Security Reinvented.


Distinguish humans and vehicles from other objects and receive more accurate event notifications.


Smart Video Enhancement Technology
- True WDR: By analyzing and blending different exposures, True WDR ensures both bright and dark areas remain properly exposed, delivering a well-balanced and natural-looking image even in environments with high-contrast lighting.
- Smart IR: Smart IR dynamically adjusts infrared lighting to prevent overexposure and glare, improve visibility at different distances, and ensure clearer footage.
- 3D DNR: 3D DNR is a noise reduction technology that analyzes image data across frames to selectively reduce noise while preserving important details.
- White Balance: White Balance ensures neutral whites in an image, regardless of the lighting conditions.


Efficient H.265+ Compression Technology
- H.265+ reduces the required bandwidth and storage space for videos while maintaining excellent image quality. It saves 57.5% and 15% more storage space compared to H.264 and H.265, respectively.



4K (8MP) Ultra HD and 24h Full-Colour
Human & Vehicle Classification
Smart Detection
Smart Video Enhancement Technology
Active Defense and Two-Way Audio
IP67 Waterproof
H.265+ Compression Technology
12V DC/PoE

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