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What do i need to run point to point?

Looking to extend your network from one location to another?

Step One - Get to know how a Point to Point works

Step Two - Choose your device

There are a number of factors to consider when you are choosing the right device.   The main ones are overall speed and the distance that needs to be covered.   Ubiquiti has a great tool to help with this plotting - although if you are looking for a distance less then 500m all of the devices below will happily cover this distance.

We would recommend the below if you are looking for a greater than 500m distance

Step Three - Choose an access point for the final location

This will allow devices at the other end, ie the Granny flat or Shed to have wireless access to the network you have created the link to.

Step Four - Add an optional switch

If you need to add in wired devices, cameras, computers etc, at the final location then you will need to add a switch.   Below are a selection, but a full list can be found here.

Step Four - Add surge protection or a fixing bracket