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The story so far!

Fresh but familiar?

Business is a journey.

In 1997, in the UK, Paul Sillars started a company that sold hardware and provided Lotus Notes development. This company grew to create it's own "datacentre" at the end of a 64Kb/s internet connection in the back cupboard of the office we worked from. 

Those were the days!

By 2010, through acquisitions and sales the company became part of M247, hosting thousands of servers across the world and as Sales Director Paul helped the company grow further - however a new place was calling and in late 2013 Paul Sillars and his family started their next journey to Australia.

At the beginning of 2014 Paul and his family moved to Australia.  As a shareholder of Shiloh Marketing, Paul created a number of brands, many of which you may recognise, Wireless4Now, Firewalls4Now and Networking4Now. Based on excellent customer service and Paul’s 25 years of experience in the security market the company grew.

Over the following 8 years, the team grew, enabling us to continue a high level of service as we provided hardware, solutions and services to over 12,000 customers across Australia, New Zealand and the greater APAC region.

In early 2022, some changes were made by the majority shareholder in the UK which meant that the journey changed again for Paul.  Shiloh Marketing is in the hands of the UK shareholders and we understand it to still be running, but are no longer connected with it in anyway.

After a time of reflection and rest, and a few meetings at a local coffee shop! Paul and the team agreed that we stilled loved what we do, and that maybe we should build together again!

So here we are, this is a new start! Some of the old team that made it great before, back together, looking for ways to create and support solutions to meet your needs.

We hope you find what we have is fresh, the service is excellent, the team as always helpful and somewhat familiar. Welcome to The Tech Geeks – and here’s to 2022 and beyond!