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30 day credit application form

Please use this form if you would like to apply for a credit account with Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd (ABN 48 660 077 092), of which The Tech Geeks is a trading name.   If you are unsure on any of the information needed to complete this application, then please do reach out to us via webchat, email - or phone 1300 910 949

business contact information

Director details

Application agreement

All purchases made by you and the above mentioned company are subject to the following conditions

1. Unless agreed with Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd all invoices are to be paid within the agreed terms of strictly 30 days from the invoice date.

2. If at anytime the purchaser exceeds their credit limit, Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  can hold orders or suspend services until either the credit limit is raised in writing, payment is made to reduce amount owing to Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  or another agreement is made.

3. Claims arising from invoices must be made within 14 days of due date.

4. Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  may refuse to supply further goods or grant extensions of credit while overdue invoices are outstanding.

5. Your credit account can be suspended/withdrawn without notice at anytime by Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  if continually outside agreed terms.

6. After 2 emails chasing payment and 2 phone messages Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  will charge an admin fee of $150 and from that date interest at 10% on all overdue invoices. The Purchaser will pay all costs incurred by Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  eg… debt collector fees, legal fees for the purpose of obtaining payment of any monies owing to them.

7. Goods returned for credit will not be accepted unless prior arrangement with Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd  is made and may be subject to a re-stocking fee. Any returns agreed to will be subject to checking the condition of the item before any credit can be granted.

8. By submitting this application, you authorise Twelve Times (AU) Pty Ltd s to make enquiries into your business via our credit reporting agency.