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unleash the security of one

WatchGuard One Gold 2 Partner

We don't just sell them, we know them!

Qualified Team

2 Techs and 3 Sales Staff

10+ Years Experience

100's of installs across AU, NZ and UK

WatchGuard T Series
Entry Level Table Top Firewalls

WatchGuard M Series 
Screamingly fast rackmount appliances

WatchGuard Virtual Firewalls
Private and Public Cloud 

WatchGuard Secure Wireless

Small but Mighty Wireless

WatchGuard Subscriptions
Renew Support and Security Licenses

WatchGuard Endpoint
Windows and Mac Anti-Virus Protection

WatchGuard Passport
Passport, Authpoint & DNSWatchGO

The Tech Geeks Support
Just that little bit of extra help!