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3 reasons to switch from Cyberoam to XG Firewall v18

3 reasons to switch from Cyberoam to XG Firewall v18

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See how switching to XG Firewall v18 can benefit your business.

Many Cyberoam customers around the globe are already benefitting from the innovations that a switch to Sophos XG Firewall has brought them. With the recent release of XG version 18 you will find the same intuitive interface as well as new innovations to address some of the key issues you are likely facing today.

Here are just a few ways that switching to XG Firewall can benefit your business:

1. World-class visibility into all your traffic

XG Firewall already broke new ground in past releases by using intelligence from the endpoint to identify applications, monitor the health of connected devices, and so automatically prevent the spread of infections.

The new Xstream architecture in XG v18 takes visibility to the next level by providing a system capable of inspecting encrypted traffic, thus reducing a massive security blind spot, with minimal impact on performance.

2. One console for your security solutions, management, and reporting

In addition to the v18 release, we have also introduced our new firewall management and reporting solutions in Sophos Central. Together, they turn an already powerful platform into your single point of reference for every firewall, endpoint, mobile device, and server.

Central Management for multiple appliances comes at no extra cost and offers greater efficiency for your day-to-day processes. Central Firewall Reporting provides the tools to create custom reports that offer actionable intelligence on user behavior, application usage, security events, and more for free.

3. Smarter handling of traffic and applications for better performance

The new Xstream architecture combines multiple protection technologies into a single DPI engine for more efficient handling of traffic. Trusted VoIP or video traffic can quickly be routed to the FastPath to reduce the risk of performance degradation.

New SD-WAN features in v18 include route-based VPN and Synchronized SD-WAN, which uses application identification from the endpoint to make QoS decisions and so ensure your mission-critical traffic is prioritized.

Next Steps

See XG Firewall in action with an instant, online demo. In less than a minute you’ll get access to a pre-populated demo instance so you can explore XG Firewall for yourself.

For customers already using an XG Series appliance with at least 4 GB of RAM, you can upgrade to v18 today (providing you have a valid license).

If you’re not yet on an XG appliance, that would be a prerequisite for an upgrade. Cyberoam appliances are not supported in v18. Speak to your local Sophos representative about a hardware refresh and how they can help you with your switch to XG Firewall.

If you need further assistance, please give us a call.