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Instant Failover - 300ms

Increase Uptime and Reliability

Become Your Own Boss
Aggregate Bandwidth

Combine up to 3 links for improved speed and reliability

After Services
Static IP

One single Public IP inbound address that works even on your 4G or Starlink connection!

Life Time Support
Local Support

Support direct from local Australian based D-Link Engineers

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Single Site Failover

Single Site Aggregation

D-Link SD-WAN Router



Max Number of Links




Maximum Speed per Link



Link Aggregation

No - Just active / failover

Yes - Up to 3

Live View and Performance Tracking

Free Local Australian Support

Minimum Contract Length

1 Month

1 Month

One-Off Hardware and Setup Fee

$540 + GST

$540 + GST

How Does It Work?

01. Choose

Are you wanting reliability through failover, or increased bandwidth?

02. Order

Order your choice of service and we send you the hardware you need.

03. Plug In

Plug in your current internet connections and your LAN to the D-Link SD-WAN Router

04. Activate

Use the activation code we provide to set your D-Link SD-WAN router free to do its thing!

Why Choose A D-Link SD-WAN Service?

  • Static IP Address

    We all know the challenges we face when one of our connections goes offline and our remote users need access. With D-Link's SD-WAN service, a single public IP address is assigned across all your connections, regardless of whether you're using NBN, 4G, or even Starlink. 

  • Speed Increase

    Combining the bandwidth of multiple connections through Link Aggregation can not only increase the speed of data transfer, but also provide greater fault tolerance. With this service, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance and reliability, paving the way for new possibilities and opportunities.

  • Centralised Management

    Monitor and manage your SD-WAN traffic, along with viewing realtime and historical data.  Full Diagnostic tools and customisable alerts are also included.

  • Failover in 300ms

    For both our Single Site Failover and Aggregation services, you have the option to choose one link as the designated failover. This link will remain inactive until it is needed, and will instantly become available if the primary link(s) fail.  Additionally, the failover link will use the same IP address assigned to the primary line, even if it is a 4G or Starlink connection.

  • No Contract Lock Ins

    You only ever have to pay for 1 month if that is all you need.  Simple and as easy as that !

  • 1 Simple Setup

    We provide you with one piece of hardware , ready to go. All you need to do is plug in your current internet connections and your LAN and you are ready.

  • Port Forwarding

    Do you have a firewall or any other devices connected to your SD-WAN service? If so, you can easily enable forwarding from your service's Public IP address to specific IPs in your network.

  • Traffic Analytics at no extra cost

    Application traffic analysis and alerts along with individual device traffic and classification

    Network geolocation identifies where connections are being made in regions around the world.

    Heat maps quickly show anomalies in typical traffic patterns