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Intercept X Essentials / Advanced / XDR

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Intercept X Essentials / Advanced / XDR Server

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Dennis' Advice

Protecting each and every device that is connected to the internet, wherever it is located, is just as important as protecting your main network.

We can't just rely on a firewall appliance to do everything.   What happens when a laptop or a mobile device is outside of the network, or a USB memory stick is plugged in that contains malware.

Getting an endpoint solution that works in conjunction with your firewall, will help create the best all round protection, not only securing your infrastructure, but also each and every device.

Intercept x essentials

Intercept X Essentials are new licenses that deliver the industry leading protection of Intercept XAdvanced, with reduced control and management capabilities

intercept x advanced

Sophos Intercept X is the industry leading Endpoint Security solution that reduces the attack surface and prevents attacks from running. Combining anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, deep learning AI and control technology it stops attacks before they impact your systems. Intercept X uses a comprehensive, defense in depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying on one primary security technique.

intercept x advanced with xdr

Sophos XDR provides better accuracy and reduced

workload for organizations performing threat hunting and IT ops security hygiene. Starting with industry leading protection reduces unwanted noise, and a prioritized list of detections paired with AI-guided investigations makes it easy to know where to start and quickly act. Native endpoint, server, firewall, email, cloud, mobile and O365 integrations are available in the data lake, or pivot to the device for real-time state and up to 90 days of historical data.



Advanced With XDR

Multiple Policies

Controlled Updates

Application Control

Peripheral Control

Web Control / Category-base URL Blocking

Download Reputation

Web Security

Deep Learning Malware Detection

Anti-Malware File Scanning

Live Protection

Pre-execution Behavior Analysis (HIPS)

Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) Blocking

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Data Loss Prevention

Runtime Behavior Analysis (HIPS)

Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI)

Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD)

Exploit Prevention (details on page 5)

Active Adversary Mitigations (details on page 5)

Ransomware File Protection (CryptoGuard)

Disk and Boot Record Protection (WipeGuard)

Man-in-the-Browser Protection (Safe Browsing)

Enhanced Application Lockdown

Live Discover (Cross Estate SQL Querying for Threat Hunting & IT Security Operations Hygiene)

SQL Query Library (pre-written, fully customizable queries)

Fast Access, On-disk Data Storage (up to 90 days)

Cross-product Data Sources e.g. Firewall, Email

Cross-product Querying

Sophos Data Lake (Cloud data storage)

30 Days

Scheduled Queries

Threat Cases (Root Cause Analysis)

Deep Learning Malware Analysis

Advanced On-demand SophosLabs Threat Intelligence

Forensic Data Export

Automated Malware Removal

Synchronized Security Heartbeat

Sophos Clean

Live Response (Remote Terminal Access for further investigation and response)

On-demand Endpoint Isolation

Single-click “Clean and Block”

information hub

What happens if I don't renew my Sophos Subscription?

For the best protection a firewall will always need an active and configured security subscription.   If this has lapsed or your are thinking about not renewing it, then the following will happen.

1 - You will loose the option to get free support from the Manufacturer

2 - You will loose all hardware warranty and if your physical unit fails, you will no longer be able to get a free replacement

3 - Any firewall polices that use subscription services will need to be updated to remove them, otherwise they will often switch in to blocking mode.

4 - Your firewall will return to the base license subscription

Is support included in the subscription?

Support is included as standard in the 2 main subscription offerings - Standard Protection and Xstream Protection.   This support includes telephone and email support direct with Sophos, Firmware Updates and Hardware Warranty.

Is hardware warranty included?

If you have a current Standard Protection or Xstream Protection, then hardware replacement is included for the length of time you keep that subscription current.  Please do note that in the case of hardware failure, Sophosl will ship you a replacement from outside of Australia.   You may like to consider additional next business day hardware warranty services to supplement this, to get you back and running as quickly as possible.

What options do I have to get additional support if I get stuck?

We know that sometimes we just need that extra little bit of help and support.   The Tech Geeks have a team that are qualified to assist you and get your back on track as quickly as possible.   We offer rates from $150 + GST per hour and would be happy to quote for any work that you need help with.

Real world performance tests

The below tests have been conducted on a dedicated 1:1 uncontended 1Gb/s fibre connection