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Xstream Protection

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Standard Protection

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Gio's Advice

Your firewall is nothing without a live and updating subscription.  Viruses, Malware and network threats, change almost hourly.  Purchasing a security subscription means that your firewall will always be receiving the latest threat signatures, virus protection updates and filter block lists.

The best bit is that an active security subscription also gives you free firmware updates, technical support from Sophos and hardware warranty for the duration of the subscription.

Never view a security subscription like the warranty for a car.   It is not there just in case something goes wrong, it is actually needed to make sure nothing goes wrong.  You are only truly being protected if your firewall is auto updating and has an active subscription.

Base License

Every Sophos XG/XGS firewall comes with a base license as standard.  This gives you the basic features to get going, but no ongoing updates or support.

standard protection

The Standard Protection Bundle provides all

essential security services needed to protect against known, as well as firmware updates, hardware warranty and 24x7 support

Xstream protection

The Xstream Protection Bundle builds on the features available in Standard, but adds in protection against unknown threat, often called Zero-Day, along with advanced SD-WAN capabilities and an extended reporting period.




24x7 Enhanced Support

24/7 support, advanced replacement hardware warranty for the term of the subscription.

Fimware Updates

Keep your Sophos patched and up to date with regular firmware updates.

Xstream SD-WAN and Networking

Includes all networking, routing, and SD-WAN capabilities including zone-based stateful firewall, NAT, VLAN, SDWAN profiles, performance-based WAN link selection and monitoring, zero-impact WAN link transitions, and Xstream FastPath acceleration of SD-WAN VPN traffic.

Secure Wireless

Built-in wireless controller for Sophos APX wireless access points. Plug-and-play access point discovery makes setup easy. Support for multiple SSIDs, hotspots, guest networks, and the diverse encryption and security standards.


Provides standards-based site-to-site and remote access VPN (free up to the capacity of the firewall) with support for IPsec and SSL. Sophos Connect remote access VPN client for Windows and Macs offers seamless and easy deployment and configuration options.