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Intercept X achieves perfect scores from AV-Test

Intercept X achieves perfect scores from AV-Test

The Tech Geeks |

In AV-Test’s 2019 Mac endpoint protection tests, Intercept X achieved top marks every time.

By Seth Geftic

Intercept X is the one of the world’s best endpoint protections, and our third-party test scores and analyst reports help prove that claim. But to be the best, you must go beyond just protecting Windows machines.

Our goal is to protect your users regardless of which type of endpoint they are using. This includes desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices and Mac endpoints.

We are proud to announce that Intercept X was the only Mac endpoint protection that achieved a perfect score in every test conducted by AV-Test in 2019. That means we scored six out of six for protection, performance and usability, every time.

The perfect scores for Intercept X meant that we were awarded the badge of “Approved” corporate endpoint protection for MacOS.

You can review the test score details at AV-Test:

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