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Sophos Central Firewall Manager - CFM 17.1.1 MR1 Released

Hi XG Community!

We have released CFM v17.1.1 MR1. 

Issues Resolved

  • NCCC-7009 [SCFM] Client unable to schedule firmware update
  • NCCC-7021 [SCFM] Search option is not working in SCFM
  • NCCC-7809 [SCFM] Unable to open device level in SCFM
  • NCCC-7826 [SCFM] Device shown as incompatible
  • NCCC-7845 [SCFM] Unable to add device into SCFM after discovery
  • NCCC-8015 [SCFM] Approved XG device does not appear in SCFM
  • NCCC-8098 [SCFM] Devices becoming un-synched consistently
  • NCCC-8155 [SCFM] SCFM & SFM - devices are not showing up under "check for latest firmware"
  • NCCC-8215 [SCFM] Pushing user object with profile of "Administrator" fails
  • NCCC-8500 [SCFM] Unable to delete the FW group
  • NCCC-8508 [SCFM] Unable to sync users to show up in SCFM (sync logs show error)
  • NCCC-8550 [SCFM] Unable to add device into SCFM after device discovery
  • NCCC-8633 [SCFM] Configuration is not pushed or delayed randomly while trying to push to a Device Group in SCFM
  • NCCC-8792 [SCFM] Authorization errors for SCFM partner portal

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