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Sophos - RED Firmware 2.0.016 Pattern Update

Hi XG Community! We've finished RED Firmware 2.0.016. This firmware is available via pattern update.

Issues Resolved

  • NC-32370 [RED_Firmware] RED15/50 issues with large packets in Transparent/Split mode
  • NC-34481 [RED_Firmware] Unified-FW: setting MTU for LAN interface does not work
  • NC-34494 [RED_Firmware] Unified-FW: fallback mechanism does not work if prov can not be accessed
  • NC-37933 [RED_Firmware] RED50 fallback fails with Unified-FW
  • NC-38099 [RED_Firmware] Unified-FW: optimize logic to connect to a different UTM faster
  • NC-38101 [RED_Firmware] Invalid wan1 status returned on RED 50
  • NC-38103 [RED_Firmware] Offline provisioning does not work
  • NC-38116 [RED_Firmware] Unified-FW: split networks does not work
  • NC-38235 [RED_Firmware] Failover not working when using static WAN IP
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