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WatchGuard - End-of-sale notice

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First-Generation Firebox Models  

April 1, 2020 all first-generation Firebox models (Firebox T10, T10-W, T30, T30-W, M200, M300, M400, M500) will be officially End-of-Sale, marking the last date for WatchGuard distribution partners to purchase these products directly from WatchGuard. All new customers interested in purchasing hardware in a similar price range as these models should consider the newer-generation Firebox models, which have faster processors and more memory. The second-generation Firebox models have received numerous accolades for both performance and security efficacy.

Find more details on the WatchGuard End of Life Policy on the WatchGuard website.

First-generation Firebox T Series appliances can be migrated to Firebox T15, T15-W, T35, T35-W, T55, or T55-W. Firebox M Series rackmount appliances can be migrated to Firebox M270, M370, M470, or M570.

Details about trade-up opportunities are available.