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WatchGuard - New AuthPoint Features

WatchGuard - New AuthPoint Features

The Tech Geeks |

AuthPoint capabilities continuously improve, and a host of new features were recently added that make our MFA solution even more flexible, easy to manage, and secure. The latest enhancements include:

  • AuthPoint Gateway HA - Gives customers full high availability (HA) of on-premises services such as RADIUS and AD authentication. With this feature, users can have one primary gateway and up to 5 other gateways in the location of their choice. If the first goes down, the next one will take over automatically ensuring high availability for authentication services.
  • Backup and Restore for Mobile 3rd party Tokens – With this feature, users can now add their own personal mobile tokens (e.g. social media, personal DropBox account) to the AuthPoint app and back up these 3rd party personal tokens. For example, if a user gets a new phone or loses a phone, no problem; the tokens will be easy to restore in their new device.
  • Advanced Search for Users – Advanced search for AuthPoint enhances user management capabilities by enabling better, easier search functionality. Account administrators can now search logs using a variety of attributes; for example, if you want to list all users that haven't activated their tokens yet or users that, status of users, users with blocked tokens, by group, users in quarantine, and more.
  • Advanced Search on the Hardware Token Screen -This feature enables admins to search using hardware token attributes such as status, serial number, activation and creation date, and user information. This is especially useful for companies distributing a larger number of hardware tokens to users.
  • AuthPoint Push Tracking - Unlike many other solutions in the market, AuthPoint offers push tracking. This allows admins to track the status of a push. For example, if a user complains that he/she did not receive a push, the admin can look in the audit logs to see the status of the push.
  • New AuthPoint Integrations: Concur redirection, Meraki Dashboard, KnowBe4, LogMeIn, OneLogin, Zoho, Citrix ShareFile, GitLab, Rakurakuseisan, Zendesk