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WatchGuard: TDR Machine Learning Enhanced Host Ransomware Prevention Beta

The Tech Geeks |

We are excited to announce that Threat Detection and Response has a new feature to Beta test!

Ransomware authors are getting smarter and bolder. Every day they find new ways to avoid detection and steal data. TDR already protects your endpoints from devastating ransomware attacks. As ransomware attacks evolve, we must improve our ability to stop them with faster detection through machine learning.

Machine Learning for Host Ransomware Prevention

In 2018, we enhanced TDR's Detection and Response (D&R) engine with machine learning. This significantly increased our general indicator detection rate. Machine learning enhanced Host Ransomware Prevention (HRP) is now ready for Beta test. The addition of machine learning to HRP results in faster detection rates than our current detection model. With this enhancement, you will see more HRP indicators that result in remediations. 

To participate in the Beta program, click the link below and follow the instructions provided.

Thank you!

TDR Product Team