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Make Zero-Touch Dashboard Provisioning a Reality

Make Zero-Touch Dashboard Provisioning a Reality

The Meraki Dashboard is packed with useful features designed to simplify network management. However, many features require accurate provisioning of access point (AP) locations to unlock location-specific insights, and for network deployments with tens, hundreds, or thousands of APs, a primary pain point is manually provisioning the dashboard to show the geolocation of each AP.

Challenges with manual entry

Manually provisioning APs can be both slow and highly prone to errors. Even a small mistake in misidentifying a few AP locations can result in inaccurate geolocation data, causing devices to appear to teleport between floors or across the building. This can create significant challenges when troubleshooting and cause major headaches for IT teams.

Zero-touch. Seriously.

Ekahau Zero-Touch Dashboard Provisioning utilizes the accuracy of the Ekahau Sidekick 2 device and Ekahau software to automatically identify and map AP locations in the Meraki Dashboard. By simply walking around the site with the Sidekick 2, you can capture accurate location data and, with a single click, export the results for a fully-provisioned network based on trusted and verified data.

This new integration saves you time and eliminates mistake-prone manual entry, and it works just as well for established networks as it does for brand new installed networks.

Save Time on regular Operations and Maintenance

Once provisioned, the Meraki Dashboard and Ekahau Sidekick 2 become a powerhouse combo for ongoing network health checks and troubleshooting. Real-time alerts from the Meraki Dashboard can identify problem areas, and the Ekahau Sidekick 2 with Survey and Analyzer apps can perform more in-depth, on-the-spot troubleshooting right from a phone or tablet.

The Sidekick 2 provides an outside-in view of network performance, which, when combined with the Meraki Dashboard, means less time spent troubleshooting and fewer network outages—resulting in fewer truck rolls and flights (and more money saved for other priority projects!)

How to get started

Whether you’re deploying a new network, are in the middle of a refresh cycle, or have regular changes to your environment, this integration will save you time and enable the most accurate dashboard provisioning possible.

If you’re already an Ekahau and Meraki customer, check out the step-by-step setup guide in the Meraki Marketplace to get started today.

If you aren’t an Ekahau customer yet, schedule a demo to learn more about the amazing time-and-frustration-saving integration between Ekahau and Meraki.

Would you like to explore what Meraki has to offer? We're passionate about helping you stay safe online. Take a look here and let us help you find the solution to best fit you or your company.

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