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Cloud Optix: Live on Sophos Central

The Tech Geeks |

The latest release for Cloud Optix integrates the service seamlessly into Sophos Central. Allowing you to manage Cloud Optix alongside a range of complimentary public cloud solutions including Intercept X for Server and XG Firewall in a single management console.

  • Activate in seconds. Fully integrated into Sophos Central, access to Cloud Optix is seamless, with no separate sign up required and single sign on with your Central account credentials.

  • 30-day free trial. Trial from the website, via the in-product trial route within Sophos Central Admin, or via the Partner Dashboard.

  • Central RBAC roles automatically mapped. User RBAC role are also taken care of, with roles from Central automatically mapped to an equivalent role in Cloud Optix: Super Admin and Admin roles in Central = Admin in Cloud Optix, and Read Only and Help Desk roles in Central = Read Only in Cloud Optix.

  • Track from partner dashboard. Partners will be able to track licensing and free trials for customers in the same way as any other Central product, with licensing information displayed on the “Licensing” page in Central Admin and the Partner Dashboard.

  • Available to all regions. Cloud Optix will remain hosted in the United States Sophos Central region, however customers using Sophos Central in EU regions can still access Cloud Optix from Sophos Central. A message will be presented when the customer first accesses the Cloud Optix console from a Central account in the EU, with the option not to proceed.

  • Note: Existing Cloud Optix customers will continue to manage their service via until notified.

In addition, Cloud Optix now offers a new and more flexible licensing structure, and MSP pricing and management via the Partner Dashboard. To find out more, please visit the Cloud Optix section within the Sophos Partner Portal or contact your Sophos Partner.