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Sophos Wireless Update 2.2 (staged release)

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Version 2.2.0-19 is an AP firmware release which provides the support on the access point for some upcoming new features. 

Please note:The following new features will not be visible in the user interface until the Sophos Central update has been released. This is currently scheduled for December 2019.

  • Social login as an authentication type for captive portals
  • Captive portal customization options

Watch out for the What’s New message in Sophos Central and a further blog here on the Sophos Wireless Community in the coming days.

This firmware release includes a number of bug fixes to improve the stability and reliability overall.

Bug Fixes

No. Summary
1 Enhanced Synchronized Security policies in the event of a radio interface change
2 Improved stability on APX 530 
3 Addressed edge case where station doesn't connect to root access point when the non-root access point is offline (not powered up) 
4 TCP SACK PANIC - Kernel vulnerabilities 
5 Enhanced proxy ARP and LLDP implementation 

Known Issues

No. Summary
1 Rogue AP: Scanning the network for neighbourhood access points in Rogue Access Point Detection may vary based on access point model (Due to limitaions with memory)
2 Captive portal roaming across access points might not have auto pop-up from the embedded browser both in android and IOS powered  devicesLimitation: This is a limitation with the captive portal embedded design and applies to all Wi-Fi vendors.
3 Interoperability connection issues  with Intel-8265 chipset (Windows 10) clients when “Fast Roaming” is enabled. Awaiting Intel driver updates  for the clients