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Sophos XG Firewall v17 is nearly here – and we’d like your help to shape it

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The highly anticipated public beta for Sophos XG Firewall v17 is now underway – be part of the testing and have your say.

Sophos XG Firewall v17 is loaded with tons of new features and enhancements. It’s set to be one of our most exciting product releases – and we’d like to invite you to be part of the beta testing.

What’s new?

XG Firewall v17 delivers innovative technology, including a breakthrough in network visibility: Synchronised App Control. This automatically identifies, classifies and controls custom, evasive and generic network applications that are currently going unidentified. It also greatly streamlines configuration and day-to-day management in key areas by providing more powerful tools that are intuitive and easy to use for Firewall, IPS, Web, NAT and VPN. Security and Control
  • Synchronized App Control – a break-through in network visibility, taking application control to a whole new level
  • Web keyword monitoring – for dynamic content control and enhanced online child safety in education
  • IPS and App Control UI enhancements – enables smart filters and makes custom policies easier to build and maintain
Management and Trouble-shooting
  • Firewall rule management enhancements – management of large firewall rule sets are more straightforward
  • Policy Test Simulator – simpler validation and troubleshooting of firewall rules and policy settings
  • VPN Setup Improvements – easier configuration and management of site-to-site VPN connections
  • IKEv2 VPN support – better IPSec VPN interoperability with other systems
  • Wildcard FQDN support – fully qualified domain objects are more powerful and predefined cloud services
  • NAT rule enhancements – fully object based means more powerful rules that can forward multiple services and ports in a single rule

Help shape it

To take part in the testing, head over to our Beta Community Forums to get the latest beta firmware, meet your fellow beta testers and Sophos staff and share your feedback. We look forward to seeing you on the forums.

XG Firewall in action

Learn more about Security Heartbeat and see Sophos XG Firewall in action at And, if you want to get hands on, try our free home edition or sign up for a 30-day trial in your business.