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The Sophos Central Enterprise Dashboard – everything you need at your fingertips

The Sophos Central Dashboard lets you manage sub-estates and share licenses Perfect for distributed organizations with multiple branches, the new Enterprise Dashboard feature lets you administer several Sophos Central sub-estates and share licenses between them from one master account. School systems, franchises, large companies, and universities alike can still independently manage security in each Sophos Central instance, providing administrative separation across the entire organization. However, the addition of Enterprise Dashboard now provides administrative oversight across all sub-estates from one easy-to-use dashboard.   Enterprise administrators enjoy aggregated alerts for at-a-glance health status across the entire estate, and can seamlessly launch into a particular sub-estate’s Sophos Central Admin instance for quick, remote remediation. And product licenses can be centrally purchased and pooled into one master collection to be shared among sub-estates, ensuring flexible protection across the board. For more information about the Sophos Central Enterprise Dashboard, contact your Sophos Partner or register for a free 30-day trial at today.

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