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WatchGuard XCS AV Update Caused Mail to Fail

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At 1 AM Pacific Time (8 AM UTC), WatchGuard provided an update to Kaspersky’s anti-virus for all XCS platforms and versions.  The new WatchGuard XCS AV update caused mail to fail and be temporarily rejected. Symptoms consisted of seeing messages on the system dashboard as “malformed” or “very malformed” or notifications that messages are being temporarily rejected.

As of 7:15am Pacific Time (2:15 PM UTC), an update that resolves the issue has been provided and is now available to download.

To ensure that your email is being processed through the AV engine and to your users:

  • If you had disabled Kaspersky Anti-Virus please enable it from Security -> Anti-Virus -> Anti-Virus.The AV engine will not immediately start.You must click the [Get Pattern Now] button at the bottom of the page.  Once the new patterns are downloaded mail should start flowing within a few minutes.
  • If your malformed mail action is set to Quarantine, please change it back to the default "temporarily reject mail".
  • All mail can be released from the quarantine by searching for the words "malformed" then clicking the [Release All] button that appears

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