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Sophos Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Upgrade

Please choose your model from the list below.




Please choose the model you are renewing for and then the number of years. Licenses take about 48 working hours to be issued and we will email them directly to you once we receive them from Sophos.

Please note - It is helpful if you can include your appliances serial number at the checkout so the license can be matched correctly.

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Shipping Costs From

Standard - $15 or Express - $20

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Enhanced Plus Support - for additional support services from Sophos


Sophos offers two different support plans for its firewalls, Enhanced and Enhanced Plus. With this upgrade you can upgrade from an Enhanced to an Enhanced Plus license.


Added value through Enhanced Plus Support: Sophos support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email or phone.


Your XG/XGS Firewall is always provided with the latest pattern and feature updates. Pattern updates are installed automatically and for new features or bug fixes your intervention is necessary.


We are happy to support you at any time. If you have licensed Enhanced Support, XG/XGS Firewall is covered by the warranty.



In the event of a hardware failure, you will receive an advance replacement.
Sophos Support provides 4 hours of remote consulting per contract.
With the Enhanced Plus you will be given priority in case of errors.
You will receive VIP contact with senior support engineers.

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