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Sophos Web Server Protection

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Please choose the model you are renewing for and then the number of years. Licenses take about 48 working hours to be issued and we will email them directly to you once we receive them from Sophos.

Please note - It is helpful if you can include your appliances serial number at the checkout so the license can be matched correctly.

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Standard - $15 or Express - $20

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Unleash the full potential of your network


The Sophos Web Server Protection hardens your web servers and business applications against hacking attempts while providing secure access.


Includes a variety of advanced protection technologies including URL and form hardening, deep-linking and directory traversal prevention, SQL injection and cross-site scripting protection, cookie signing, and more.


Authentication options, SSL offloading, and server load balancing ensure maximum protection and performance for your servers being accessed from the internet.



Dual-antivirus engines (Sophos and Avira)
Cookie signing with digital signatures
Path-based routing
Outlook anywhere protocol support
Reverse authentication (offloading) for form-based and basic authentication for server access
Virtual server and physical server abstraction
Integrated load balancer spreads visitors across multiple servers
Skip individual checks in a granular fashion as required
Match requests from source networks or specified target URLs
Support for logical and/or operators
Assists compatibility with various configurations and non-standard deployments
Options to change Web Application Firewall performance parameters
Scan size limit option
Allow/Block IP ranges
Wildcard support for server paths and domains
Automatically append a prefix/suffix for authentication

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