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Sophos XGS 107 / 107 Wireless

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The Sophos XGS 107 Firewall Appliance is built upon a dual-processor architecture, combining a high-performance, multi-core CPU with a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for targeted acceleration at the hardware level. This gives you all the flexibility and adaptability of an x86 based firewall plus a significant performance boost over legacy firewall designs.


The Sophos XGS 107 Firewall with dedicated Xstream Flow Processors enables the ultimate in application acceleration, high-performance TLS inspection, and powerful threat protection.



Dual processor architecture for an excellent price to performance ratio.


An optional second power supply (not included) can be installed for redundancy.


The SFP port can be used for FTTH/FTTP or with the optional VDSL modem (sold separately).


Includes networking, routing, and SD-WAN capabilities with zone-based stateful firewall, NAT, VLAN support, multiple WAN link options with SD-WAN routing, failover, and failback.


Built-in wireless controller for Sophos APX wireless access points (sold separately, see accessories tab). Plug-and-play access point discovery makes setup easy. Support for multiple SSIDs, hotspots, guest networks, and diverse encryption and security standards.


Provides standards-based site-to-site and remote access VPN (free up to the capacity of the firewall) with support for IPsec and SSL. Sophos Connect remote access VPN client for Windows and Macs offers seamless and easy deployment and configuration options.


Instant identification and immediate response to today’s most sophisticated attacks. Multi-layered protection identifies threats instantly and Security Heartbeat provides an emergency response.


Adds unique and simple VPN technologies, including Sophos' clientless HTML5 self-service portal that makes remote access incredibly simple, or utilise the exclusive light-weight secure SD-RED (sold separately, see accessories) VPN technology.


Provides enterprise-level Secure Web Gateway policy controls to easily manage sophisticated user and group web controls. Apply policies based upon uploaded web keywords indicating inappropriate use or behaviour.


Enables user-aware visibility and control over thousands of applications with granular policy and traffic-shaping (QoS) options based on application category, risk, and other characteristics. Synchronised Application Control automatically identifies all the unknown, evasive, and custom applications on your network.


Backed by SophosLabs, Sophos' advanced engine provides the ultimate protection from today’s polymorphic and obfuscated web threats. Innovative techniques like JavaScript emulation, behavioural analysis, and origin reputation help keep your network safe.


Optimised for top performance, Sophos' Xstream SSL inspection provides ultra-low latency inspection and HTTPS scanning while maintaining performance.


The purchase price of your Sophos XGS 107 Firewall includes a perpetual base license. This includes basic firewall features such as IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, full wireless protection and cloud-based management and reporting with Sophos Central. Add individual protection modules and support depending on your requirements, or choose one of Sophos's license value bundles "Standard Protection Bundle" or "Xstream Protection Bundle".

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The Sophos Desktop Series range is currently made up of 5 models, with wireless and PoE options  These are ideal for small to midsize organizations looking for a small form factor, strong throughput and enterprise-grade security.  The table below highlights the main features of each model.


Wireless Model Available

Wireless Version Available On All Models

Power over Ethernet

XGS 116 (1x GbE Max 30W), XGS 126 (2 x 1GbE Max 30W Per Port), XGS 136 (2 x 2.5GbE Max 30W Per Port)


XGS 87 (16GB eMMC), XGS 107 / 116 / 126 / 136 (64GB SSD)

Redundant Power Supply

Optional On XGS 107 / 116 / 126 / 136


Firewall Inspection

XGS 87 (3.7 Gbps), XGS 107 (7 Gbps), XGS 116 (7.7 Gbps), XGS 126 (10.5 Gbps), XGS 136 (11.5 Gbps)

Threat Prevention

XGS 87 (240 Mbps), XGS 107 (330 Mbps), XGS 116 (685 Mbps), XGS 126 (900 Mbps), XGS 136 (1000 Mbps)

Firewall IMIX

XGS 87 (2.5 Gbps), XGS 107 (2.9 Gbps), XGS 116 (3.5 Gbps), XGS 126 (4 Gbps), XGS 136 (4.7 Gbps)

Intrusion Prevention

XGS 87 (1.01 Gbps), XGS 107 (1.35 Gbps), XGS 116 (2 Gbps), XGS 126 (2.6 Gbps), XGS 136 (3.3 Gbps)


XGS 87 (700 Mbps), XGS 107 (1050 Mbps), XGS 116 (2000 Mbps), XGS 126 (2500 Mbps), XGS 136 (3000 Mbps)

SSL / TLS Inspection

XGS 87 (375 Mbps), XGS 107 (420 Mbps), XGS 116 (650 Mbps), XGS 126 (800 Mbps), XGS 136 (950 Mbps)

IPSec VPN Throughput

XGS 87 (2.8 Gbps), XGS 107 (3 Gbps), XGS 116 (3.6 Gbps), XGS 126 (4.1 Gbps), XGS 136 (4.8 Gbps)



XGS 87 (4 x 1GbE + 1 x SFP), XGS 107 /116  (8 x 1GbE + 1 x SFP),  XGS 126 (12 x 1GbE + 2 x SFP), 

XGS 136 (10 x 1GbE, 2 x 2.5GbE +  2 x SFP)

Wireless Interface

XGS 87W / 107W / 116W (2x2 Wi-Fi 5/802.11a/b/g/n/ac - 2.4Ghz OR 5Ghz)
XGS 126W / 136W (3x3 Wi-Fi 5/802.11a/b/g/n/ac - 2.4Ghz OR 5Ghz)

Expansion Slots

XGS 87 / 107 (0), XGS 116 / 126 / 136 (1)

Optional Add-On Connectivity

All Models - SFP DSL Module VDSL2
XGS 116 / 126 / 136 - 3G/4G Module, Second Wi-Fi Radio

VPN Tunnels & Licenses

SSL VPN Concurrent Tunnels

XGS 87 (500),  XGS 107 (1000),  XGS 116 (1250),  XGS 126 / 136 (1500)

Our Serving suggestion

Internet Speed

<  50 Mbps
XGS 87

<  100 Mbps
XGS 107

<  250 Mbps
XGS 116 / 126

<  500 Mbps
XGS 136

Number of Users

< 5

< 10

< 25

< 50

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