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Sophos Standard Protection

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Please choose the model you are renewing for and then the number of years. Licenses take about 48 working hours to be issued and we will email them directly to you once we receive them from Sophos.

Please note - It is helpful if you can include your appliances serial number at the checkout so the license can be matched correctly.

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Standard - $15 or Express - $20

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Licenced package for firewall basic protection with Network Protection, Web Protection and Sophos Enhanced Support



Base License: Networking, Wireless, Xstream-Architecture, unlimited Remote Access VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, Reporting
Network Protection: Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Security Heartbeat, Advanced Threat Protection, SD-RED VPN
Web Protection: Internet policies for users and groups, application control and QoS, high-performance traffic scanning
Enhanced Support: 24/7-Support, Feature-Updates, Advance replacement warranty on hardware during contract term


Licensing is used to turn on various features on Sophos Firewall, and the same general principles apply regardless of whether the license is for hardware firewall or a virtual/software firewall

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