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Duo2-PoE Reolink Dual Lens 4K Camera



SKU: Reolink Duo 2 PoE 1-Pack

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Upgraded from the Duo PoE, Duo 2 PoE can stitch two views into one with no gap, realizing true two-camera combination. It brings a smoother image with double field of view and without overlapping part.


The entire world is recorded in crystal clear videos with 4K high resolution and an expanded perspective. Every little detail will be finely captured.


Reolink Duo 2 PoE has become more intelligent. It can not only identify moving people and vehicles, but also detect your cats and dogs. Also, with the built-in mic and speaker, it's quite easy to respond to the coming person, car, or pet*.(*Note: Currently, the pet detection is used to detect dogs and cats and is in beta testing.)


Spotlights and infrared LEDs bring you a a bright image at night. You can easily switch between different night vision modes to watch clear and smooth videos in colour or in black and white


Thanks to the PoE technology and the ultra-wide angle of the Duo 2 PoE, it is enough to achieve dual wide-field surveillance through just one network cable to transmit power and data. More convenience, more security


With the time lapse feature, Duo 2 PoE can let you capture dynamic processes, such as sunrise, in accelerated videos. Thinks about the co-effect of time lapse and 180° ultra-wide viewing angle and get ready to immerse yourself in the panoramic time-lapse films. (*Note: This feature is not available when the camera is connected to an NVR.)


Withstanding harsh weather outdoors is never difficult because of Duo 2 PoE's robust and waterproof housing. No fear of heat, cold, or powerful jets of water.


This smart IP camera supports 24/7 continuous recording, motion-triggered recording, and schedule recording. Videos can be saved to micro SD card, Reolink NVR or FTP server. Choose a way you like and enjoy customized security.


It's never been so easy to remotely monitor your home or business. You can check everything in real time with just a few clicks or taps on the Reolink Client or App, wherever and whenever you are.



Resolution: 4608X1728 (8.0 megapixels) at 20 frames/sec
Lens: f = 3.2 mm fixed, F = 2.0
Infrared Night Vision: 30 meters (LED: 6pcs/20mil/850nm)
Two-way audio
POE: IEEE 802.3af, 48V Active

  • What's in the Box?
  • View the Duo2-PoE
  • Set up Duo2-PoE
  • Panoramic Video
  • Timelapse Video
  • Datasheets and Guides

Click HERE to access the Datasheet

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