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Sophos Intercept X is the industry leading Endpoint Security solution that reduces the attack surface and prevents attacks from running.


Combining anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, deep learning AI and control technology it stops attacks before they impact your systems.


Intercept X uses a comprehensive, defence in depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying on one primary security technique.


Features of Essentials:
Web Security
Download Reputation
Deep Learning Malware Detection
Anti-Malware File Scanning
Live Protection
Pre-execution Behaviour Analysis (HIPS)
Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) Blocking
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Runtime Behaviour Analysis (HIPS)


Features of Advanced:
All of Essentials Features PLUS:
Multiple Policy Support
Controlled Updates
Web Control/Category-based URL Blocking
Peripheral Control
Application Control
Data Loss Prevention
Threat Cases
Early Access Programs
Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI)
Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD)
Exploit Prevention
Active Adversary Mitigations
Ransomware File Protection (CryptoGuard)
Disk and Boot Record Protection (WipeGuard)
Man-in-the-Browser Protection (Safe Browsing)
Enhanced Application Lockdown
Automated Malware Removal
Synchronized Security
Sophos Clean
Managed from Sophos Central




Intercept X is the industry’s only XDR solution that synchronizes native endpoint, server, firewall, email, cloud and O365 security. Get a holistic view of your organization’s environment with the richest data set and deep analysis for threat detection, investigation and response for both dedicated SOC teams and IT admins.