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Fortinet Ensures Secure Cloud Migration for European Real Estate Company

Fortinet Ensures Secure Cloud Migration for European Real Estate Company

Customer Perspectives

In our digital world, individuals increasingly rely on continued connectivity for work, learning, and entertainment. Because of this, organizations face unique security challenges as they try to secure both their employees leveraging business critical applications and customers accessing their Wi-Fi networks from personal devices.

One European real estate company found themselves grappling with these challenges and chose to undergo a review of their full IT infrastructure in order to determine how best to secure their entire digital attack surface without negatively impacting network performance. 

During this review, this organization recognized the need to replace its current data center firewall with a solution that could provide complete visibility and control, centralized management, and zero-touch provisioning and could help their lean staff roll out, configure, and troubleshoot firewalls without leaving headquarters. Fortinet demonstrated how the FortiGate Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) could provide these capabilities to protect the network edge at headquarters and across dozens of remote properties. Further, Fortinet showcased how the built-in Fortinet Secure SD-WAN functionality could improve connectivity to achieve the company’s goal of digitization across remote locations.

After seeing the capabilities of the FortiGate firewalls and the benefits of Fortinet’s broad, integrated, and automated Security Fabric, this company chose Fortinet to help address the next big phase of the infrastructure refresh: cloud security.  

Dynamic Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

As the company prepared to migrate core applications to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, they required a solution to protect these web applications from known and zero-day threats, provide advanced analytics, and reduce the time required from staff for alert management. With advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities, FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) customizes the protection for each application, securing apps without requiring the manual tuning required by other solutions. FortiWeb ML identifies and distinguishes between malicious and benign anomalous behavior, enabling staff to dedicate time they would otherwise use to investigate whether a threat is malicious to more critical tasks. FortiWeb VM, deployed in Azure, was the perfect fit.

Another benefit of FortiWeb is that it provides flexible deployment options, allowing customers to select the option that best fits their use cases. This includes hardware appliances, virtual machines, and containers that can be deployed in the data center, cloud environments, or the cloud native Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution FortiWeb Cloud, our WAF as a Service offering.

In addition, the company implemented FortiCWP, a cloud-native workload protection service that integrates with Azure APIs to provide deep visibility into cloud applications’ configurations, user activity, and traffic logs. With FortiCWP, this organization’s security team can monitor their cloud security posture, detect potential threats from cloud resources, analyze traffic across cloud resources (in and out of the cloud), and ensure compliance with best practices to manage risk throughout their cloud infrastructure.

Further, deploying FortiGate-VM in Azure delivers the same benefits as the FortiGate NGFW, ensuring complete application security, secure connectivity, and centralized management to protect this company’s cloud environment.

Better Security, Better Resident Service With Dynamic Cloud Security

By adopting FortiWeb, FortiCWP, and FortiGate-VM, this company’s security team is confident that their data and applications in the cloud are adequately protected. Further, with Fortinet’s centralized management capabilities, they’ve significantly reduced the time required to manage security solutions across geographically dispersed locations. Most importantly, they can deploy any application in their cloud environment without worrying about the security of the data and information moving across the network.

Learn how Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. 

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