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Hotfix for SonicWALL GMS and Analyzer vulnerability is now available

The Tech Geeks |

The vulnerabilities in the SonicWALL Global Management System (SonicWALL GMS) and Analyzer products have been resolved! To fix these vulnerabilities, it is mandatory that existing users of GMS and Analyzer apply the Hotfix 174525 that was just released. GMS/Analyzer Hotfix 174525 is available for download from 1. Users should log into MySonicWALL. 2. Click on "Downloads Center" in the navigation panel on the left. 3. Then select "GMS/Analyzer – Virtual Appliance or GMS/Analyzer – Windows" in the Software Type drop down menu. 4. Read the Release Note for this Hotfix in MySonicWALL for detailed installation procedures. Also, please inform your GMS and Analyzer customers of the following Service Bulletin from SonicWALL to provide them with the actions they need to take to ensure continued protection.