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Sophos - PMX 6.4.8 upgrade and ignore_policy_error option

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Puremessage for Unix 6.4.8 includes an upgrade for the built in Postfix to version 3.4.5

As a result of this the previous configuration option "ignore_policy_error" is now deprecated. Installs that are currently utilizing this will need to update their file with the new configuration options to prevent Postfix rejecting mail with the following errors:

Aug 22 12:22:43 hostname postfix/smtpd[80254]: warning: unknown smtpd restriction: "ignore_policy_error"
Aug 22 12:22:43 hostname postfix/smtpd[80254]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from server.domain[]: 451 4.3.5 Server configuration error; from= to= proto=SMTP helo=

We understand this is far from ideal and are monitoring how many people are affected by this.

[Update]: This is now documented in the release notes for 6.4.8 

Note: This article doesn't apply if you are using your own version of Post fix or an alternative MTA 

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
PureMessage for Unix

What to do

  1. Check for the existence of this configuration option within your current configuration. This will be present in your Postfix /opt/pmx/postfix/etc/ file and will look like the following:
    smtpd_client_restrictions = ignore_policy_error,check_policy_service inet:[]:4466

  2. If the ignore_policy_error option is not present then no action is necessary

  3. If however ignore_policy_error is present then that line will need replacing with the following 2 lines immediately after upgrading to 6.4.8:
    smtpd_client_restrictions = check_policy_service inet:[]:4466
    smtpd_policy_service_default_action = DUNNO

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