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UDM-Pro-Max Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro Max



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Professional-grade, rack-mount Cloud Gateway with 10 Gbps performance, multi-WAN load balancing, and two NVR drive bays designed for large-scale, multi-application UniFi sites.




Enhanced computing power and memory for 2x the UniFi device and client capacity of Dream Machine Pro/SE

Includes full UniFi application suite for device management

5 Gbps routing with IDS/IPS

(1) 10G SFP+*, (8) GbE RJ45 LAN ports

(1) 10G SFP+*, (1) 2.5 GbE RJ45 WAN ports

(2) 3.5" NVR HDD bays with RAID data protection

Built-in 128 GB SSD for NVR detection recordings

1.3" touchscreen

*Pair with an official SFP+ Module or SFP+ to RJ45 Adapter for the best experience.

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    • Datasheets and Guides

    Click HERE to access the Datasheet

    Click HERE to access the Installation Guide


    Create your perfect UniFi Network or UniFi Protect solution in these 6 easy steps.

    Step One - Get to know how UniFi Network or UniFi Protect works

    Step Two - Choose your Ubiquiti UniFi OS Console

    Each Unfi Network Switch, Access Point, Router or Camera needs to be connected to a UniFi OS Console.  The UniFi OS Console provides remote access, management and recording features.   Please note that the UDM Unifi Dream Machine, only supports Unifi Network and not Unifi Protect.  The Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 is the only device that already includes a harddrive for data storage.  The others will need additional harddrives or memory cards to allow them to record footage.  There is also a software version of the Unifi Network controller if you only want to manage routers, access points and switches.  This can be found on Ubiquiti's website here.


    Step Three - Choose your Ubiquiti UniFi Network Gateway

    This is an optional step and is not needed if you have already chosen the UDR, UDM, UDM-Pro or UDM-SE or you don't need a router


    Step Four - Choose your Ubiquiti UniFi Network Switch

    Please note this is not a full list of all UniFi Switches, but a selection of the most common.  A full list can be found here

    Step Five - Choose your Ubiquiti UniFi Network Access Point

    Ubiquiti have a large number of wireless access points options and some of the most common are listed below.   A full list can be found here