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Introducing per-device licensing: an opt-in licensing model with exclusive, new features and enhanced flexibility

The mission of simplicity is real at Meraki – from our hardware, to our cloud-hosted dashboard, to even our licensing programs. This was the intent behind our cotermination licensing model (co-term): to create one simple expiration date for all devices in a given organization, and reduce the complexity of licensing for our customers. 

While co-term does serve many customers and partners as intended, we’ve seen that this method of licensing wasn’t always a fit for every customer or partner. For example, one simple expiration date didn’t quite work for customers with conflicting budgeting processes, varying grants or site billing, or other accounting (non-networking) requirements. 

To address this, we have recently released the per-device licensing model, available to both new and existing customers. This model offers the ultimate flexibility for licensing and offers a suite of new, exclusive features not offered on our co-term model:

  • License Devices Individually: Assign a license to a specific device (MR, MS, MX, MV, MG) or a network (in the case of vMX and SM licenses) and maintain a shared expiration date or separate expiration dates across devices, networks, or organizations.
  • Partial Renewals: Enjoy the ability to renew all your devices or a subset of devices, as you prefer. 
  • Move Licenses Between Orgs: Org Admins (Read/Write) on multiple organizations are able to move a license (or licenses & devices together) between those organizations without calling Meraki support. This functionality is available through the dashboard and APIs. 
  • 90 Day License Activation Window: You will have up to 90 days to claim and assign your licenses before they activate – giving you more lead time to deploy Meraki products.
  • APIs: APIs are available to claim, assign and move licenses. This will allow a greater level of automation and the ability to integrate with other systems. 
  • Individual Device Shutdowns: If a license expires on a device, only that individual device or product will shut down (after the 30 grace period). 

Join us in an upcoming webinar to learn more about the per-device licensing model and decide whether conversion makes sense for your organization. This live webinar will include an overview of the easy conversion process as well. 

For more information about the per-device licensing model please refer to  Per-Device Licensing Overview documentation or this FAQ on Meraki licensing.