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Fortinet Customers Use FortiCloud’s SaaS Offerings to Eliminate Complexity and Ensure Cloud Security

Fortinet Customers Use FortiCloud’s SaaS Offerings to Eliminate Complexity and Ensure Cloud Security

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FortiCloud Delivers the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cloud-Delivered Security-as-a-Service Portfolio

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Jul 21, 2020 - 

John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet

“As our customers continue to rely more on cloud environments and applications, Fortinet offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio to secure all of their workloads. Customers need to secure their applications and cloud environments with as little management overhead as possible. FortiCloud simplifies security management while enhancing security both on-premises and in the cloud.”

News Summary

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced it is helping Continent 8 Technologies, Illinois State Treasurer and SuperCare Inc. secure and centralize management of their cloud environments through its Security-as-a-Service delivery platform, FortiCloud

  • Through FortiCloud, Fortinet delivers many of its Security Fabric’s products and solutions as Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offerings. This has made it easy for customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to secure their users, applications and critical data in the cloud.
  • FortiCloud enables customers to access and manage a range of Fortinet solutions and services from an online portal with a common user experience. Customers are able to centralize the management of multiple Fortinet devices and quickly make on-premises configurations from anywhere.
  • FortiCloud delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Security-as-a-Service portfolio, including FortiGate Cloud, FortiWeb Cloud and FortiCWP, through a single sign-on. FortiCloud also provides access to FortiCare services, which includes global support for all Fortinet products.

Removing Cloud Complexities and Security Risks

In IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Survey, 48 percent of respondents cited that increased complexity is a primary downside in using multiple clouds. The issue is that many organizations don’t have tools in place that provide the visibility and control they need across their networks, introducing security risks as the number of sophisticated threats continue to increase. This is coupled with the cybersecurity skills gap that is even more prevalent for cloud security roles requiring specialized cloud expertise, making it difficult for organizations to properly manage security without exhausting their cloud resources.

Organizations like Continent 8, Illinois State Treasurer and SuperCare Inc. have benefited from FortiCloud’s delivery of SECaaS offerings by eliminating complexity and enabling advanced security and centralized cloud-based management. All this while preventing their cloud adoption from slowing down their operations and introducing security risks.

Customers Secure and Manage Dynamic Cloud Environments Through FortiCloud

Fortinet’s customers are using FortiCloud to simplify how they’re securing and managing their applications or clouds, to create new managed security services that expand business opportunities or to enhance on-premises security, among other advantages. Below is an overview of how Continent 8, Illinois State Treasurer and SuperCare Inc. are using FortiCloud’s SECaaS offerings to maximize the benefits of adopting cloud environments.

Continent 8 Technologies

As a leading provider for hosting, networking, security and cloud infrastructure managed services, Continent 8 Technologies seeks to secure their customers’ applications irrespective of whether they are hosted within or outside their global network. To help achieve this, Continent 8 Technologies is leveraging Fortinet’s FortiWeb Cloud—delivered through FortiCloud—to protect their customers’ applications easily and seamlessly. As a result, the company has expanded its managed security services to offer Continent 8 Cloud WAF for securing customers’ web applications and APIs.

“Continent 8 Technologies leverages FortiWeb Cloud, part of the FortiCloud family of offerings, to deliver Continent 8 Cloud WAF,” said Leon Allen, Innovation Director at Continent 8. “As a result, our web application and API security offering seamlessly integrates with Continent 8's IP Transit and DDoS protection services to further protect sensitive information and mission-critical applications.”  

FortiCloud makes it simpler for MSSPs like Continent 8 to expand their security services and offer the broadest set of SECaaS offerings, delivering the security their customers need to effectively protect across the entire attack surface.

Illinois State Treasurer

When the Illinois State Treasurer’s IT team was looking to upgrade its legacy security environment, it turned to Fortinet to implement new solutions that integrated security visibility and improved usability. By using FortiGate Cloud, part of the FortiCloud offering suite, the Treasurer’s Office was able to manage its FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls from the cloud to achieve greater visibility into their network and isolate network traffic to a particular endpoint or application. Additionally, the Treasurer’s Office also uses FortiAnalyzer—also from the FortiCloud suite—to obtain a much deeper dive into its network, which has improved overall visibility and security analytics.

Joseph Daniels, Chief Information Officer at the Illinois State Treasurer said, “Fortinet’s Security-as-a-Service offerings through its FortiCloud suite enables us to streamline management and integrate security across all our environments. We deployed FortiGate Cloud to manage Fortinet’s next-generation firewalls from the cloud through an easy-to-use, single user interface, making it easy for our team to make configurations and run analytics off-premises. The weekly security reports provided by FortiGate Cloud have been a critical resource, providing us with the hard data necessary to answer auditors’ questions and demonstrate compliance with required security controls.”

SuperCare Inc.

SuperCare Inc. has been able to simplify how it remotely manages security policies for their customers through FortiCloud’s SECaaS offerings, including FortiGate Cloud. FortiGate Cloud provides SuperCare Inc. with a single sign-on to manage multiple security appliances.  

“FortiCloud is easy to use,” shared Di Wang, Infrastructure Manager at SuperCare Inc. “Specifically, FortiGate Cloud is very critical when it comes to initial deployment, setup and ongoing management of the NGFW we have installed—all which can be done from the cloud. It’s great that it can be customized to our needs and we could adjust our security profiles and firewall policies after analyzing data from the last few months. We have also scheduled the reports to be emailed to us periodically, which is very convenient. I believe that the FortiCloud offerings greatly enhance the network security of our company, and would definitely recommend it to others.”