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Introducing Dell Secure Mobile Access 6200/7200 Appliances and SMA OS 11.2

First Look at new SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 6200 and 7200IT organisations are struggling to keep up with mobile worker demand for access to more resources from more device types without compromising security. Often, mobile workers are accessing company resources from multiple devices concurrently, increasing traffic volumes, session counts and putting significant strains on legacy access infrastructure.

To help meet mobile enterprise needs, Dell is introducing three new secure access gateway appliances that increase scalability up to 8x over the previous generation. We’re also adding new features to the SMA OS that allow access from more devices, to more resources, more securely. In line with the expanded functionality of our gateway solution, the brand name for the appliances is changing from E-class Secure Remote Access to Secure Mobile Access. New appliances and features include:

Dell Secure Mobile Access 6200 Appliance with support for up to 2000 concurrent sessions

Dell Secure Mobile Access 7200 Appliance with support for up to 10,000 concurrent sessions

Dell Secure Mobile Access virtual appliance for HyperV with support for up to 5000 concurrent sessions

Dell Secure Mobile Access OS release 11.2 with HTML 5 browser access to Citrix Xendesktop and Xenapps (ICA support) via the SMA Workplace portal. This enables secure, clientless access for most smartphones, tablets and laptops while reducing reliance on troublesome Java and ActiveX components. (In addition to existing support for access to RDP published apps and desktops)

The portfolio also includes the flagship E-Class SRA EX9000 appliance that supports up to 20,000 concurrent sessions, and the Secure Mobile Access virtual appliance for VMware that supports up to 5000 concurrent sessions.

The new SMA appliances will be available in May, 2015. E-class SRA customers with current support contracts can now upgrade to SMA OS 11.2 at

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