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Five reasons to upgrade to Intercept X

Five reasons to upgrade to Intercept X

It has never been a better time to make the switch to Intercept X.

Recently we launched enhanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that give users the power to ask detailed threat hunting and IT operations questions and quickly get the answers they need. That’s in addition to other new features such as Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) technology, which excels at detecting malicious obfuscated scripts (e.g. PowerShell) and Intrusion Prevention System functionality that stops network-based attacks (currently in early access).

But those aren’t the only benefits of making the move to Intercept X and Sophos Central, our cloud-based management platform. Here are five reasons to consider moving:

1. Get advanced protection to stop the latest threats

Intercept X excels at blocking the very latest threats such as ransomware, script-based fileless attacks, malware that has never been seen before, and adversaries actively trying to compromise systems. Deep learning AI intelligence, anti-ransomware capabilities, and exploit mitigation techniques combine to provide this unmatched level of security.

2. Make management straightforward

Intercept X is managed via the cloud-based Sophos Central console, which lets you manage all of your Sophos solutions in one place, at any time, from anywhere. Everything is managed from a single console with the same intuitive look and feel, so it’s easy to switch between products and enable powerful cross-product features.

3. Spend less and save time

With cloud management there’s no need to maintain physical on-premises servers and you get access to a single management console, cutting down on admin time.

4. Implement security that grows with you

Sophos Central makes it easy to extend your protection as your business grows. Want to try out the powerful new EDR functionality that helps you track down unwanted applications or users that clicked on a phishing email across your entire estate? Start a trial with the click of a button.

5. Benefit from smarter, faster protection

Sophos products are engineered from the ground up to work better together. For example, Intercept X and XG Firewall work in tandem to isolate a compromised device, clean it up, and restore network access with no admin intervention – in a matter of seconds.

Even if you aren’t yet on Sophos Central, trying out Intercept X couldn’t be easier. You can either start a no-obligation trial or take a look at the online demo to get a feel for the interface and powerful functionality on offer.

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