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Sophos is a 2018 Superbrand

Sophos is a 2018 Superbrand

The Superbrands 2018 Annual Report has arrived, and Sophos is a part of it.

We are excited to announce that Sophos has been included in the UK Superbrands 2018 Annual Report. This is the second year we’ve qualified as a Superbrand, which is voted on by 2,500 business leaders, identifying brands to recognize.
Only the most highly-regarded achieve the status of Superbrand.
Superbrands is a benchmark for brands who have set the stage, outwitted the competition, and built top-tier solutions. The annual report provides case studies with valuable insights into the strategies and propositions of brands both consumers and business professionals trust and admire. Sophos joins many reputable B2B and consumer brands, including Audi, Deutsche Bank, Apple and PayPal, on the list for this year. But, you can read for yourself what the Annual Report has to say about us.
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