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Sophos Central Firewall Manager - CFM 17.1.2 MR2 Released

Hi XG Community!

We have released CFM v17.1.2 MR2. 

Issues Resolved

  • NCCC-8658 [SCFM] Some firewalls not displaying in CFM
  • NCCC-9040 [SCFM] Unable to access CFM due to authorization errors
  • NCCC-9042 [SCFM] Partner is unable to access accounts page and is unable to add device due to account sync errors
  • NCCC-9158 [SCFM] Partner unable to log into CFM because user does not exists in CFM
  • NCCC-9271 [SCFM] Unable to access CFM due to error "You are not authorized to access SCFM. Get in touch with Primary admin for rights"

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