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Sophos Central Manager Scheduled Upgrades

Sophos Central Manager Scheduled Upgrades

Sophos Central Manager: Scheduled upgrades using the v19.5 GA firmware are not applying to firewalls


Sophos Central may NOT upgrade Sophos firewalls to 19.5 GA even though the firmware is seen as on Sophos Central.

As 19.5 GA is still in the staging phase ( standard firmware releases phases ), many firewalls would NOT have received the in-product firmware upgrade for this version. The firewall will NOT be upgraded from Sophos Central if the firewall hasn't received the 19.5 GA staging version.

Product and Environment

Sophos Central


Sophos Firewall may NOT be upgraded to 19.5 GA from Sophos Central even though Sophos Central shows that the firmware has been upgraded success.


  • Sophos Central shows 19.5 GA as available.

  • When the firmware upgrade is triggered or scheduled from Sophos Central, it gets completed successfully.

  • However, the firmware may NOT be upgraded onto the Sophos firewall.


  • The resolution is in progress, and the fix will be deployed automatically in Sophos Central. The firmware upgrade will be available only after the stagging phase is completed.

  • In the meantime, you can manually download SFOS v19.5 from the  Licensing Portal  and update individual firewalls manually.

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