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Sophos - The solution to next-gen firewall problems

Sophos - The solution to next-gen firewall problems

Your next firewall must do better. Here’s how.

In this recent next-gen firewall series, we’ve covered the evolution of the modern firewall and it’s failings. I’ve explored common network security problems related to protectionvisibility and control, and responding to incidents – issues that IT administrators will tell you are putting organisations at risk. These problems cast a veil over networks, making it extremely challenging to even understand what’s happening, let alone being able to take back some control. Your next firewall must do better. It must:
  • Identify hidden risks by providing you with easy to understand and actionable insight into user behaviour, unknown applications, suspicious payloads and persistent threats.
  • Block unknown threats using a full suite of advanced protection technologies like sandboxing, deep learning and IPS that actually work together, as a single system.
  • Be easy to setup and manage so that deploying and configuring your firewall isn’t an uphill challenge, and doesn’t leave you at risk of getting less than the protection that you paid for.
  • Respond to incidents automatically by integrating, communicating and coordinating with your other IT security systems, like your endpoints, to identify and isolate compromised systems.
These are tough problems to solve and they require innovative solutions. Fortunately, there’s an elegant and simple solution. We built our new next-gen firewall, XG Firewall, to address the serious issues facing your network and the problems your network administrators are wrestling with. I think you’ll be amazed with what you can do when you start from a clean slate, add some innovative thinking, a powerful suite of technology, integrate it with a leading next-gen endpoint solution, run it on top-performing hardware, and back it up with one of the best threat research labs in the industry.
It probably won’t surprise you that it delivers unrivalled security, simplicity and insight. It’s exactly what you need for your next firewall. Download the Sophos XG Firewall Solution Brief and find out for yourself.
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