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Sophos Wireless Access Points: APX offline after initial configuration


Wireless Access Points going offline after initial configuration

This can be caused if you are using a PoE enabled switch and have manually set the power on the ports to a maximum of less than a certain wattage depending on access points used.  Below is a list of the APX access points and their maximum used power ratings:

  • APX320 - Maximum Power: 11.5W
  • APX530 - Maximum Power: 16.7W
  • APX740 - Maximum Power: 22.4W

In addition to the maximum power ratings that could be configured on the PoE switch, below are the supported PoE types:

  • APX320 - PoE Requirements: 802.3af
  • APX530 - PoE Requirements: 802.3at
  • APX740 - PoE Requirements: 802.3at

This article describes the steps to resolve the issue of the access points failing to power up after initial configuration is sent to it.

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
Sophos UTM
Sophos Firewall
Sophos Central Wireless

What to do

We recommend using a separate PoE injector to see if the problem is power from the switch.  If using a separate PoE injector fixes the problem, then you will need to investigate the power supplied to the unit via your PoE enabled switch and ensure it is set to a value that supports the APX device in use.

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