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What’s new in Intercept X?

What’s new in Intercept X?

Intercept X has taken the security world by storm. And it just keeps getting better. Intercept X, our next-gen anti-ransomware, anti-exploit solution, has taken the security world by storm. And it just keeps getting better. Front and center is the addition of deep learning malware protection. This cutting-edge capability enables us to perform a signatureless, pre-execution evaluation of any executable file and determine if it’s legitimate or malicious. At Sophos we’re always looking to the future. This is why we’ve invested heavily in deep learning neural network technology. But while deep learning is the headline-maker in this update, there’s so much more that we’ve added to Intercept X to make it even more successful. Intercept X now also has:

  • New and enhanced techniques, including malicious process migration and process privilege escalation
  • New active adversary mitigations, like, credentialing theft prevention, code cave utilization, and APC protection
  • Enhanced Application Lockdown, with browser behavior lockdown and HTA application lockdown
  • New registry protections, like application verifier protection

Download our What’s New in Intercept X datasheet to get all the details on how this latest version of Intercept X is even better.

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