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Trend Micro Collaborates With Japan’s International Cooperation Agency to Support Government Cyber Defense

Trend Micro Collaborates With Japan’s International Cooperation Agency to Support Government Cyber Defense

The Tech Geeks |

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced new initiatives designed to enhance collaboration with global law enforcement and developing nations through cybersecurity outreach, support and training.

“As the eyes of the world turn to Japan for major international events, Trend Micro continues to do what it has always done best - building global partnerships that will help to secure the connected world we all live in,” said Akihiro Omikawa, executive vice president for Trend Micro. “The two agreements we’ve signed in Japan will enhance and expand the public-private partnerships we believe are essential to taking the fight to the cyber-criminals.”

The first agreement is with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), a government agency responsible for providing overseas development aid and nurturing social economic growth in developing nations.

“We have been cooperating with developing countries as an integrated agency for Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) for a number of years. Now we have outsourced the implementation and delivery of the ‘Defense Practice Against Cyber Attacks’ to Trend Micro,” said a JICA spokesperson. “JICA is confident that leveraging the capabilities of Trend Micro, which is active globally, will enhance collaboration in the cybersecurity field with participating countries.”

The training Trend Micro will provide on behalf of JICA to partner countries is designed to enhance officials’ cybercrime investigation and incident response capabilities around targeted attacks. It comes as international outreach from Japan is set to surge thanks to a number of major events taking place in Japan. The Defense Practice Against Cyber Attacks program will last for three years, beginning in 2020, and include training as well as different follow-up activities.

Trend Micro is also strengthening its cooperation with Japanese and international law enforcement by hiring well-noted security expert Noboru Nakatani as executive advisor. Mr. Nakatani is currently executive vice president (public affairs and cyber security) at Yahoo Japan Corporation and senior executive director at Information Technology Federation of Japan.

Mr. Nakatani brings a wealth of experience in global law enforcement, holding previous roles such as the first Executive Director of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, as well as Director of Information Systems and Technology, and Assistant Director of Financial and High-Tech Crime, INTERPOL HQs in Lyon, France. Prior to those positions, Mr. Nakatani was part of Japan’s National Police Agency (NPA) and held various roles there including Director of the Transnational Organized Crime Office and, most recently, Special Advisor to the Commissioner General, Executive Director of International Affairs.

Mr. Nakatani’s experience will be invaluable as Trend Micro continues to build ties with Japanese and global law enforcement.