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Trend Micro More Than Doubles Commitment to Underrepresented Persons in Cybersecurity

Trend Micro More Than Doubles Commitment to Underrepresented Persons in Cybersecurity

The Tech Geeks |

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced plans to further strengthen its commitment to underrepresented persons by more than doubling its annual time and financial investments to alleviate the skills and diversity gaps in cybersecurity. Trend Micro facilitates and invests in a wide range of global initiatives to support all cybersecurity technologists, including several activities taking place this week at AWS re:Invent.

Trend Micro is co-sponsoring this year’s We Power Tech activities during the conference, along with Accenture. We Power Tech is building a future of technology that is diverse, inclusive, and accessible. Trend Micro’s involvement helps to facilitate a list of sessions, networking and social activities for a global network of underrepresented technologists.

In addition, Trend Micro is deepening its annual sponsorship with Girls in Tech by announcing a global cybersecurity classroom program slated for 2020. The curriculum will provide the virtual ability to learn and enhance cybersecurity skills and will be accessible to women of all ages, backgrounds and geographical locations. Trend Micro is again sponsoring select members of Girls in Tech from around the globe to attend and experience this year’s AWS conference.

“With a female CEO and an employee base spread almost equally across the eastern and western hemispheres, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to Trend Micro,” said Leah MacMillan, chief marketing officer for Trend Micro. “Success for our industry is not simply equal representation in a conference room; we encourage an environment that listens to and encourages diverse and unique thought from every single person.”

Trend Micro will share more at the below sessions:

  • We Power Tech: Shifting to an Abundance Mindset: Trend Micro’s Chief Executive Officer Eva Chen will participate in a panel hosted by Teresa Carlson, and will focus on elevating the ‘woman’s club’ of female technologists as diverse, inclusive, intersectional C-Suite executives. Trend Micro executives Leah MacMillan and Wendy Moore will also provide opening and closing remarks for the panel.
  • Innovating for Everyone: Mechanisms to Build Inclusive Cultures and Products: This panel session will include Sanjay Mehta, senior vice president of alliances for Trend Micro. Sanjay joins Kelly McGill, Head of Culture and Inclusion at AWS, to share examples of how organizations can build and sustain inclusive cultures. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss the programs happening in their organizations and will learn additional mechanisms from industry peers through interactive workshops.

To learn more about how Trend Micro actively supports diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity, please visit: