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Trend Micro Remote Manager (TMRM) Systems Upgrade

Trend Micro will be performing a Scheduled Maintenance on Trend Micro Remote Manager (TMRM) to migrate the datacenter to Amazon Web Service (AWS) during the following time period:

Affected Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Date and Time (GMT+8)
Los Angeles
Start Date/Time
2020/08/15, Sat 10:00
Fri 19:00
Sat 04:00
Sat 09:00
End Date/Time
2020/08/15, Sat 23:55
Sat 08:55
Sat 17:55
Sat 22:55

Maintenance Type: Service Upgrade
Impact on Service:
There will be a 4-hour service downtime during the maintenance period and customers/partners will encounter the following:
·         Trend Micro Remote Manager (TMRM) console will not be accessible during this time including the BP portal for OLR TMRM registration page
·         Users will encounter “Internal Server Error” when they log in to the console
·         Data synchronization between TMRM and WFBS-SVC will be stopped during this time including the related tasks such as reporting & notification. Services will continue to synchronize data after the maintenance period ensuing no data loss
·         TMRM’s RMM (Kaseya, Automate, Datto) and PSA (ConnectWise, AutoTask) function will not work
·         TMCM will not be able to register TMRM service
Due to DNS cache, FQDN may be resolved inaccurately and users might encounter “Page Not Found” error. It is recommended to flush the DNS record on user's local DNS server to fix the issue
We appreciate your patience as we conduct this scheduled maintenance to enhance our service. We will endeavor to minimize any impact to you during this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Technical Support directly at: or your assigned Customer Service Manager.

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