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WatchGuard: Action needed (AuthPoint) - Upgrade RD Web agent to v1.1.1.79 or higher by 26 August 2020

As part of an effort to continuously improve the security of our services, we are making upgrades to the RD Web service. If you use AuthPoint agent for RD Web v1.1.0.58 or lower, you must upgrade the RD Web agent to v1.1.1.79 or higher by 26 August 2020.

If you already use v1.1.1.79 or higher of the AuthPoint agent for RD Web, no action is required.

To upgrade the agent for RD Web:

1.      Log in to WatchGuard Cloud.

2.      Select Configure > AuthPoint.

3.      Select Downloads.

4.      In the RD Web section, click Download Installer.

5.      Download the latest version of the agent for RD Web. You do not have to download the configuration file to upgrade the agent.

6.      Run the downloaded installer (.msi file) on your server as a local administrator. You do not have to uninstall the agent for RD Web when you install an updated version.

Note: If the wizard shows a “Files in use” message that prompts you to close the IIS Worker Process, click Ignore and continue the installation process.

To see which version of the agent is installed:

1.      From the Windows menu, select Control Panel.

2.      Select Uninstall a Program.

3.      From the list of programs, find WatchGuard AuthPoint RD Web. The Version column indicates which version of the agent is installed.

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