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WatchGuard - Fireware 12.2 is now available

The Tech Geeks |

Fireware 12.2 is now available Arthur posted earlier this week about the exciting new AI technology that is now available in the Fireware 12.2 release with the new IntelligentAV service. But let’s not forget that this release includes many other new features. Many of the Beta testers had very positive feedback about the new ability to configure Geo-Blocking by Policy. Users can now set granular policies to restrict certain traffic types to or from specific countries. Other key highlights in Fireware version 12.2 include:

  • Firebox Cloud Management Upgrades: WatchGuard System Manager for management of multiple Firebox Cloud instances hosted on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • TLS Proxy Protocols: Enables proxy and malware inspection for the POP3S and SMTPS (or POP3 and SMTP over TLS) mail retrieval protocols.
  • WebBlocker: Adds the ability to generate alerts by categories (for example, weapons, militancy and extremism).
  • Multiple Server Certificates: Users can now host multiple different servers and applications behind a single Firebox, each with their own proxy certificate.

You can find full details about this release in the What’s New presentation and Release Notes. Please review the Release Notes carefully before upgrading. Does this release pertain to me? Fireware 12.2 is available for all Firebox T and Firebox M appliances. The continued growth and expansion of the Fireware OS means it is no longer suitable for older generation appliances with more limited resources. Fireware 12.2 and subsequent releases greater than 12.2 will not be available on any XTM appliances. WatchGuard will continue to provide updates to the 12.1.x firmware versions to provide bug fixes and important security updates for XTM appliances. Software Download Center Firebox appliance owners with active support subscriptions can obtain the Fireware 12.2 release without additional charge by downloading the applicable packages from the WatchGuard Software Download Center. Or simply use the WebUI to directly upgrade your firebox. Contact For Sales or Support questions, you can find phone numbers for your region online. If you contact WatchGuard Technical Support, please have your registered appliance Serial Number or Partner ID available.