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WatchGuard Releases Fireware 11.12

Fireware 11.12 is now Generally Available (GA) at the WatchGuard software download site. This is a major new update to the Fireware operating system that includes many new features. Geolocation - Adds a new element of defense to Reputation Enabled Defense, which today includes web reputation and botnet detection. With Geolocation, you can prevent malware communication and attacks from areas where you never have any need for legitimate business communication. ConnectWise Integration - With Fireware v11.12, we deepen our integration capabilities with ConnectWise, a leading Professional Service Automation tool used by many managed service providers. The integration adds support for the auto-synchronization of asset information, including subscription start and end dates, device serial numbers OS versions, etc., as well as closed-loop ticketing of system, security, and subscription events. Dynamic VPN Tunnels to Azure - Hybrid cloud environments are becoming much more common, where companies have moved some workloads to cloud services such as AWS or Azure, but some key applications remain on premise. Secure VPN communication is needed between the on premise application and the cloud. Until now, we supported only a single static or policy-based tunnel to Azure. Now we add the ability to have multiple tunnels, even with dynamic routes and failover between them. IPv6 Support in Services and Proxies - WatchGuard firewalls have IPv6 Gold logo certification, but previously application proxies and the full set of security services were not supported. Now customers can apply full range of security services, including WebBlocker for content filtering and APT Blocker and Gateway AV to prevent malware in IPv6 environments. Services and Proxies Enabled by Default - Customers that buy the appliance with Basic or Total Suite often neglect to turn on the security services that they have purchased. Now services will be enabled by default during the initial setup wizard with a secure set of default settings. Saves time and simplifies the initial setup for everyone. Gateway Wireless Controller - Several updates to the UTM wireless controller including auto channel selection to enable smoother deployments without channel conflict, and a new repeater mode that allows access points to communicate over the air without a physical ethernet connection. FireCluster with DHCP on External Interface - If your ISP provides external-facing interface IP addresses by DHCP, you can now enable an active/passive FireCluster to provide high availability. X-forwarded Information from Header in Logs and Dimension - If a company uses an explicit proxy service or a web gateway, like WebMarshal, all of the information in Dimension shows only the IP address for that proxy. Now we can go a level deeper and find the original source IP address and show this in Dimension, too.

Software Download Center

Firebox and XTM appliance owners with active support subscriptions can obtain this update without additional charge by downloading the applicable packages from the WatchGuard Software Download Center. Please read the Release Notes before you upgrade to understand what’s involved.

Contact Information

For Sales or Support questions, you can find phone numbers for your region online. If you contact WatchGuard Technical Support, please have your registered appliance Serial Number or Partner ID available.

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