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WatchGuard Support Alert

WatchGuard Support Alert

Starting 13 February 2023, the TDR Host Sensor will upgrade to version to make sure it can continue to communicate with the cloud. If a Host Sensor does not upgrade to the latest version by 22 February 2023, the Host Sensor will stop communication with the cloud. If this occurs, TDR will no longer perform detections and responses, and ransomware hash lists will not update for new threats.

What should you do?
The upgrade will be done automatically, so you only have to make sure your computers with Host Sensors installed are online to perform the automatic update to version If you need to install the latest Host Sensor version manually, you can download it from the Software Downloads page ( ).

What are the next steps?
We will soon release a WatchGuard Cloud feature that enables you to migrate TDR Host Sensors to WatchGuard EDR Core, which supports the new ThreatSync service. If you want to run this migration but do not first upgrade your Host Sensors to the latest version, they cannot contact the cloud to update to EDR Core after 22 February 2023.

Please contact your WatchGuard Sales team if you have any additional questions about this upgrade. We will continue to communicate more information as we get closer to the release date.

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