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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Analytics & Engagement

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Analytics & Engagement

Introduction Wi-Fi is no longer just a means to connect us to the Internet. The explosion of mobile devices has now reached a point where, in general, most of the population has a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet, watch, etc. This fact has opened the possibilities for marketing teams to gather insights about shopper, guest, and employee behaviour in the physical world. Online businesses have enjoyed rock-solid, predictable methods for improving marketing ROI, sales conversion rates, and numerous other metrics. However, in the physical world, there has been a huge gap in the tools businesses have to achieve the same valuable insight for optimising their business.
With WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Analyse and Engage feature sets – powered by our Wi-Fi cloud and cloud-enabled access points – we are levelling the playing field between online business and the physical, brick and mortar, world. With the WatchGuard Engage dashboard – a web-hosted, interactive design app – you can create modern splash and landing pages for guest networks that engage with your guests before and after they connect to your Wi-Fi network. WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Analytics couples tightly with the Engage feature to empower business owners, marketing teams, and operations teams with location-based information and valuable insight into everything from dwell times and the number of new vs.repeat visitors for a business, to demographic information on gender and age.
Wi-Fi Analytics and Engage are both available with WatchGuard’s cloud-ready access points when managed by the Wi-Fi Cloud.
Full Analytics Included with Every Cloud Wi-Fi License Don’t be led astray by competing Wi-Fi vendors that interpret Wi-Fi analytics through third party integrations. This means you’ll have another system to manage and another subscription fee to pay. With WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Analytics, we include full analytics functionality with every Wi-Fi cloud license tied to a WatchGuard cloud-ready access point.
Analyse: How It Works WatchGuard cloud-ready APs gather client device information within their range and report to the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud for analysis.
People carry smartphones
Smartphones broadcast MAC Address
WatchGuard AP serving Wi-Fi to clients indoors and outdoors while tracking their MAC address
Data securely transferred to WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud
Web Analytics presented in the Analyse Dashboard
Visitor device detected with attributes and location as a user navigates store
Secure Wi-Fi connectivity and log-in customer identification via loyalty number, social media or new registration
Targeted personalised content based on customer interest graph and loyalty analytics
Types of Scans WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Analytics gathers two types of scans from our cloud-ready access points.
Passive scans When a client device has the Wi-Fi radio enabled, but is not connected to any SSID, the client radio listens on each channel for beacons sent periodically by an AP. Location information is available with passive scans, but not demographic information.
Active scans In the case of active scans, when a client device has the Wi-Fi radio enabled, but is not connected to any SSID, the client radio transmits a probe request and listens for a probe response from an AP. Location information is available with active scans, but not demographic information.
User Connections When a client device has connected to a SSID, location information is available with connect-ed users and if a captive portal is enabled with the login with social media options, demo-graphic information is available as well. Quickly view analytics at all levels, from the very top level to the most granular view, across time segments and location groups.
Viewing by Location, Floor, and Groups Analytics information is viewable at many levels in the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud utilising the hierarchical tree structure. Admins can create unlimited nested folders to represent buildings, floors, or any other meaningful group. Selecting a top-level folder shows aggregate analytics of all child folders. Selecting a child folder only shows analytics at that level.
Floorplan Visualisation Business owners, marketing teams, and operations teams can easily visualise the flow of people around their stores and establishments with intuitive floor plans.
Leverage Wi-Fi to Nurture New and Existing Customers With WatchGuard’s Engage feature, businesses can interact with customers through splash pages (captive portals) and drive targeted, highly unique experiences over their Wi-Fi network. Engage offers businesses the ability to leverage their Wi-Fi as a key marketing tool to turn every visit into a customer touchpoint, increase fans on social networks, continue engagement with customers after they leave, and ultimately make their Wi-Fi work for them. With WatchGuard’s Engage feature set, powered by our Wi-Fi cloud and cloud-enabled access points, businesses:
• Can create stunning splash pages without the need for web design skills
• Reach every visitor with the most engaging calls to action
• Build valuable marketing lists of on-site visitors who are most likely to engage and most valuable to reach
• Expand their social network reach through their customers’ social footprints
Engage offers a new way of logging in for you and your customers; easy, simple, and quick. Directly from their social network!
Make your customers community bigger and you will also be visable to their contacts thanks to Engage.
You receive customers’ data and create a database to get in touch with them every time with Engage.
Engage a rich Wi-Fi experience with branded content, engaging calls to action, targeted promotions
Turn every visit into a touch point and generate valuable CRM information automatically.
After visitors leave, continue the conversation with automated emails and online re-targeting.
On-site customers are the most likely to engage and the most valuable to reach.
Building Splash Pages (Captive Portals) Splash pages, or captive portals, can be created using either WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud Engage app, accessed from the dashboard of theWi-Fi Cloud, or from any mobile device using the Go app for quick and minor changes.
Guest Authentication Options Engage supports the following authentication options for any splash page: • Click-through for basic “I agree” pages
• Guestbook for self-registration
• SMS for code sends to mobile devices
• Web form to capture any details desired
• Video for displaying sponsored content
• Poll for capturing valuable guest/satisfaction statistics
• Social* including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare
• Radius for interfacing with third party authentication systems *Note: Social network API key specific to each business recommended
Summary Communicating with mobile users over Wi-Fi – and gathering valuable insight on guest behaviour and demographics – is no longer reserved for high-priced marketing departments. WatchGuard’s Engage and Analyse feature sets provide SMBs and distributed enterprises with total visibility into all activity within the corporate WLAN and Guest Wi-Fi networks.
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