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Fortinet Enterprise Protection

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Fortinet Unified Threat Protection

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Fortinet Firewall FortiCare Premium

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Fortinet AP FortiCare Premium

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Gio's Advice

Your firewall is nothing without a live and updating subscription.  Viruses, Malware and network threats, change almost hourly.  Purchasing a security subscription means that your firewall will always be receiving the latest threat signatures, virus protection updates and filter block lists.

The best bit is that an active security subscription also gives you free firmware updates, technical support from Fortinet and hardware warranty for the duration of the subscription.

Never view a security subscription like the warranty for a car.   It is not there just in case something goes wrong, it is actually needed to make sure nothing goes wrong.  You are only truly being protected if your firewall is auto updating and has an active subscription.


In addition to 24x7 support, the Forticare license includes full VPN capabilities, and built-in SD-WAN

Unified threat protection

Unified Threat Protection (UTP) includes all of the traditional network security services typical to a NGFW appliance: IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, Web Filtering, Application Control, Spam Blocking and Zero Day Protection (Sandboxing)

enterprise protection

Enterprise Protection includes all services offered with the UTP suite but adds in further enterprise protection layers including Security Rating, IoT Detection.  It also includes services that will help protect solutions you may have running for building management or environmental controls.


Unified Threat Protection

enterprise protection

Stateful Firewall

A stateful firewall is simply not enough anymore, but is a start.  It allows source, destination, port and protocol blocking.


A VPN enables secure, encrypted connections between networks and devices at geographically separated locations.


SD-WAN allows remote sites to connect more easily to networks, data centers, and/or multiple-clouds with lower latency, better performance, and more reliable connectivity.

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Protection combines our award winning Antivirus service with our FortiSandbox Cloud service into one offering, providing robust core protection capabilities against today's sophisticated attacks, providing protection against known threats and unknown threats.

Intrusion Prevention Service

FortiGuard IPS, combined with the actionable threat intelligence, protects against the latest network intrusions by detecting and blocking threats before they reach network devices. Our combination of real-time threat intelligence updates and thousands of existing intrusion prevention rules delivers the industry’s best IPS protection.

Application Control

Conventional firewalls that only identify ports, protocols, and IP addresses can’t identify and control applications.  You can use application control to keep malicious, risky, and unwanted applications out of your network through control points at the perimeter, in the data center, and internally between network segments.

Web and Video Filtering Service

FortiGuard’s cloud-delivered AI-driven web filtering service provides comprehensive threat protection to address threats including ransomware, credential-theft, phishing, and other web-borne attacks. It uses AI-driven behavior analysis and correlation to block unknown malicious URL’s almost immediately, with near-zero false-negatives.

Antispam Service

FortiGuard Antispam provides a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to detect and filter spam processed by organizations. Dual-pass detection technology can dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, giving you unmatched control of email attacks and infections.

Sandbox Cloud Service

FortiCloud Sandbox Service is an advanced threat detection solution that performs dynamic analysis to identify previously unknown malware. Actionable intelligence generated by FortiCloud Sandbox is fed back into preventive controls within your network—disarming the threat.

Security Rating Service

Stay on track of your Security Roadmap and Target Security Maturity level with measurable and meaningful feedback in the form of actionable Configuration Recommendations, and Key Performance/Risk Indicators

IoT Detection Service

Automatically discover and segment IoT devices based on FortiGuard intelligence, and enforce appropriate policies. Improve the capabilities of FortiGate, FortiNAC, and FortiLink NAC with this fast, cloud-hosted look-up subscription service. 

Industrial Service

The FortiGuard Industrial Security Service continuously updates signatures to identify and police most of the common ICS/OT/SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) protocols for granular visibility and control. Additional vulnerability protection is provided for applications and devices from the major ICS manufacturers. This combination provides more sophisticated application control of the traffic between zones and enables the FortiGate NGFW to detect attempted exploits of known vulnerabilities. 

Converter Service

FortiConverter Service helps you transition to the latest version of FortiOS with confidence. This service accelerates your migration process from a wide range of firewalls to a new FortiGate next-generation firewall by using proven methodologies and comprehensive validation by Fortinet security experts.


24x7 Email and Telephone support, right when you need it

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What happens if I don't renew my Fortinet Subscription?

For the best protection a firewall will always need an active and configured security subscription.   If this has lapsed or your are thinking about not renewing it, then the following will happen.

1 - You will loose the option to get free support from the Manufacturer

2 - You will loose all hardware warranty and if your physical unit fails, you will no longer be able to get a free replacement

3 - Any firewall polices that use subscription services will need to be updated to remove them, otherwise they will often switch in to blocking mode.

Is support included in the subscription?

Support is included as standard in the 3 main subscription offerings - Forticare, Unified Threat Protection and Enterprise Protection.   This support includes telephone and email support direct with Fortinet, Firmware Updates and Hardware Warranty.

Is hardware warranty included?

If you have a current Forticare, Unified Threat Protection or Enterprise Protection subscription then hardware replacement is included for the length of time you keep that subscription current.  Please do note that in the case of hardware failure, Fortinet will ship you a replacement from outside of Australia.   You may like to consider additional next business day hardware warranty services to supplement this, to get you back and running as quickly as possible.

What options do I have to get additional support if I get stuck?

We know that sometimes we just need that extra little bit of help and support.   The Tech Geeks have a team that are qualified to assist you and get your back on track as quickly as possible.   We offer rates from $150 + GST per hour and would be happy to quote for any work that you need help with.

Real world performance tests

The below tests have been conducted on a dedicated 1:1 uncontended 1Gb/s fibre connection